Travel Arrangements

To schedule work related travel you will need to work with Alejandrina (Alex) Montano. Make sure you have permission from your supervisor before starting the travel process. Please follow the steps below for travel arrangements:

  • First, complete the top portion of the Travel Form and return it to Alex.
  • Next, go to the CTM portal link to complete your profile. In the middle section, type/select "Alejandrina Montano" as your Administrator. This will allow Alex to book your travel. Complete your profile with as much information as possible to ensure your travel preferences and other essentials are taken into consideration.
  • Once you complete the above two steps, include flight/train details such as travel dates/times, airline carrier, flight numbers, and airline frequent flyer number (if applicable) in an email and send it to Alex.

Travel Reimbursements

Reimbursements are made in PeopleSoft and handled by Alex Montano and Nora McKenzie. Once you log into PeopleSoft Expenses, please remember to delegate CDI Admin to enter Expense and Travel on your behalf. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the CDI staff guide.

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