Holidays and PTO   

Holidays and PTO


Benefit-eligible employees receive pay for the following holidays at eight (8) hours per holiday for full-timers and four hours per holiday for part-timers:

Holidays Observed

New Year’s Day - January 1st
Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
Independence Day - July 4th
Labor Day - First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day - Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day - December 25th


Paid Time Off (PTO) can be used for time off related to personal matters, including vacation, personal days, to celebrate religious days of observation, and for the first three days of an illness, etc. Benefits eligible Team Members will begin to accrue PTO on their 91st day of employment. Therefore, it is important to remember that you will receive/accrue 75% of your PTO tier allotment during your first year of employment. .PTO is based on your position and length of employment as described in the table below. Your personal PTO plan can be found in PeopleSoft MyWay under MyTime Statement.

Paid Time Off (PTO) can be used for time off related to personal matters, including:

  • vacation
  • personal days
  • religious days of observation
  • first 3 days of an illness

To request PTO you can either:

Send an email to your Manager and Alex Montano ( requesting the dates that you would like to take PTO.

Important PTO information:

  • Accrual rates are based upon years of service and job function.
  • PTO runs on your individual anniversary date, not the calendar year.
  • Full time employees can carry over 80* hours of unused PTO to their next anniversary year.
  • You are responsible for tracking your own PTO time which can be confirmed and viewed in MyWay. If you have more than 80 hours of accrued PTO at the end of your anniversary year, you will lose that time.
  • The current plans are as follows and depend on the position and years of employment:

Earned Sick Leave

Earned Sick Leave (ESL) is another type of time off that can be used for illness related absences. We’re designing our new ESL plan to be in line with the New Jersey state law recently signed by Governor Murphy.Click here to view a copy of the Earned Sick Leave Notice of Employee Rights from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development New Jersey.

Most ESL requests will require team members to draw the first three days from PTO before moving to an ESL bank. To request immediate (or “Day 1”) use of ESL for one of the reasons outlined in the New Jersey state law, please complete this ESL “Day 1” Consideration request form. and submit it to your local Occupational Health Team.

Click here to learn about a new ESL benefit for team members who have not earned ESL/sick leave in the past.

Earned Sick Leave and Disability

Hackensack Meridian Health provides team members with Earned Sick Leave (ESL) benefits. Team members are eligible for ESL if they are full-time, part-time, or temporary status. ESL is provided for up to 5 days per year. Unused ESL is rolled over to the next anniversary year.

Important ESL information:

  • The first 3 days of an illness are charged against PTO
  • ESL begins on day 4 of an illness
  • However if ESL is exhausted, you will be on disability. Disability will be paid at 85% of your salary to a maximum of $903 per week.
  • You must initiate a Leave of Absence/Sick/ESLclaim if you will/are out for 4 days or more, by calling the Hartford 888-924-4155
  • If a TM has a same day surgery or a procedure requiring sedation, they can request to use ESL for days 1 to 3 of their absence. See form below.

To Return after a Leave of Absence/Sick Leave

It is very important to follow these steps when returning to work to avoid delays in your pay and system access.

1. E-mail the LOA Accommodations team at or fax at 1-848-245-8453 to notify them of your return-to-work date and provide a contact number. The LOA Accommodations team will then update your status in MyWay-PeopleSoft and confirm your return-to-work date with your leader.

Please note: Failure to submit this information to the LOA Accommodations team well in advance of your planned return could result in a delay in pay and system access.

2. Call The Hartford at 1-888-924-4155 or log in/create an account at

to report your return-to-work date.

3. Contact your leader to coordinate your return to work and cc: Alex Montano,

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