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Leveraging Social Media to Increase Lung Cancer Screening Awareness, Knowledge, and Uptake in High-Risk Populations funded by 1R01CA263662-01A1 (National Cancer Institute; 09/2022 – 08/2027)

  • The overall objective of this study is to test the effectiveness of: 1) leveraging a social media-based platform (Facebook targeted advertisement) to target screening-eligible individuals in the community and 2) a novel, tailored health communication and decision support intervention related to lung cancer screening (LungTalk). Our central hypothesis is two-fold: 1) Facebook targeted advertisement will be a successful platform to reach high-risk individuals unaware of lung cancer screening; and 2) tailored lung cancer screening information compared to non-tailored information will increase knowledge and improve health beliefs about screening and subsequent screening uptake.

Using a Mixed Methods Approach to Understand Shared Decision-Making in Lung Cancer Screening funded by 1R01CA222090-01A1 (National Cancer Institute; 09/2018 – 08/2023)

  • The overall objective of this study is to identify the components of patient clinician discussions that contribute to high quality lung cancer screening decisions and subsequent important behavioral outcomes by constructing a multi-level dataset of patient data and clinician data shortly after a shared decision-making discussion about lung cancer screening.

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Francis Valenzona
Assistant to Dr. Lisa Carter-Bawa

Mailing Address:
Center for Discovery and Innovation
111 Ideation Way
Nutley, NJ 07110

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