Institutes and Centers   

Institutes and Centers

The Hackensack Meridian Health Center for Discovery and Innovation (CDI) is an academic-based entrepreneurial center that rapidly harnesses innovations arising from a new renaissance in biomedical sciences to restore patient health. It is home to several institutes and centers with a shared mission, as follows:
Cancer Prevention Precision Control Institute
Cancer Prevention Precision Control Institute (CPPCI)

Institute for Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma (iMML)

The Institute for Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma (iMML) expedites the development of breakthrough ideas relating to the treatment of multiple myeloma to their full expression in preclinical studies, clinical trials and approved interventions, ultimately offering life-saving care for patients.

Institute for Immunologic Intervention (3i)

Institute for Immunologic Intervention (3i)

The Institute for Immunologic Intervention (3i) examines and develops the knowledge of T cell development, infection immunity, autoimmune inflammation, tumor immunity and alloimmunity.

Center for Excellence in Translational Research (CETR)

The Center for Excellence in Translational Research (CETR) program serves as an engine to develop selected optimized Leads and Preclinical Development Candidates (PDCs) against high-threat MDR GP and GN bacteria including Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) and Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTMs).

CDI-Virustsand Targets - Togoviridae Chikungunya

Metropolitan Anti-Viral Drug Accelerator (MAVDA)

The Metropolitan Anti-Viral Drug Accelerator (MAVDA) is dedicated to to conduct innovative, multidisciplinary research to develop, optimize and test innovative small molecule antiviral drugs that target coronaviruses (such as SARS-CoV-2), and other viral families with high potential to cause a pandemic in the future.

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