CDI Faculty Member’s Article Lauded for its Significance and   

CDI Faculty Member’s Article Lauded for its Significance and Impact

CDI faculty member, Dr. Zilberberg, has had her December 2018 article entitled “Pumpless platform for high-throughput dynamic multicellular culture and chemosensitivity evaluation” selected by the Lab on a Chip Editor as one of the top 10% of papers published in the journal. This selection is based on the exceptionally positive referee reports that the manuscript received during peer review, along with the Editor’s assessment of the significance and impact of the paper. The paper, along with other HOT papers recommended by the Editors, has been collated in this collection:

The article refers to the development of a novel platform that facilitates high-throughput chemosensitivity studies. This innovative technology is currently being used for preclinical evaluation of novel compounds and cellular immunotherapies in multiple myeloma using patient samples. It can also be extended to study breast and prostate cancers that metastasize to the bone.

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